Which size nest should I choose?

Which size nest should I choose?

Help!!! Which size Bubnest should I choose?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our Bubnest Tribe Mums and Dads. So we thought we would put together a blog of things to consider when deciding on which size baby nest to go for.


The average length of a full-term baby is approximately 50cm. Many Bubnest users are surprised how quickly their babies grow into their nest and the reason being is that babies grow a lot in the beginning of their lives. In fact, the younger they are, the faster they grow! The first month of your baby's life, they will grow approximately 5 cm, which is A LOT when compared to the average 12 month old growing only 1 cm per month. So don't panic if it looks like your baby is going to outgrow their nest after the first month, because the growth rate will decrease considerably over time. If not, then your baby will be as tall as a 5 year old by the age of one!


The inner mattress of the Regular baby nest is approximately 70 cm long, which is the average height of a 9-month-old baby. The inner mattress of a Maxi baby nest is approximately 80 cm long, which is the average height of an 18-month-old. The inner mattress of both the Regular and the Maxi are 26 cm wide. The Toddler nest mattress is 100 cm, which is the average height of a 4-year-old. The Toddler mattress is 38 cm wide. The picture shows a growth chart of an average child, with a Regular and Toddler nest in the background. 

Both the Regular and the Maxi baby nest work well for a newborn baby with the difference between the two sizes being how long you can use them for with the ropes tied. Regardless of which size nest, you choose you can untie the ropes at the end when your baby gets taller, allowing you to continue using the nest as long as your baby enjoys it. How long you use the nest is really up to your baby and how much they like it. Some parents use the nest until their baby is well over a year, while others stop using it when their baby starts crawling and literally just crawls away from it. Remember that babies nap most often when they are fresh and tiny, so it is most likely that you will use the Bubnest most often during this phase of their life. 

The choice between a Regular and a Maxi nest comes down to what you intend to use the nest for. The Regular nest is lighter and smaller, it weighs 1.6 kg instead of 1.8 kg for the Maxi. If you intend to bring the nest to various places or bring it when travelling, then a Regular nest will be more suitable. 

|Also if you intend to use the baby nest for naps in a Moses basket, then we suggest you check the dimensions of the Moses basket to ensure the nest fits. The Moses baskets we have seen fit well with the Regular nest. The Maxi nest is too long, however since it is soft, the end can be tucked up into the basket. 

For newborn babies, we generally believe the Regular nest is best suited, unless your family has a history of very tall babies. If your baby is already older than 3 month of age, we recommend a Maxi so that you will get plenty of use of it before you have to untie the ropes. 



We are also frequently asked, by new or expecting mums, whether it is worth getting a Toddler nest straight away so that their babies can grow into the nest. As you can see in the photo, the Toddler nest is very spacious for a newborn and won't feel snug as intended. The Toddler nest is also heavier than our baby nests and although it is a great option for travelling with your older child, nothing beats the ease and portability of daily outings using a Regular or Maxi baby nest. These being the main reasons why we only recommend Toddler nests for toddlers, ie 1-3 year olds.

We hope this was of some guidance when choosing a Bubnest for your little one. Please feel free to reach out with any questions though as our team is always here to help. 











 Team Bubnest