Baby nests

The Bubnest® Baby Nest provides a healthy toxin free space for your baby to rest anywhere anytime. 

The Baby Nest is portable and easy to bring along for adventures and bub can have a rest wherever you are without interrupting the sleep routine. Fold and tuck it into the complementary string bag.

The Baby Nests are made in Brisbane, Australia, out of organic materials both inside and out to ensure a toxin-free space for your baby. The natural materials are all biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

Hard time choosing a style? Don't worry, we now offer separate covers if you later on fall in love with another style.

Due to Covid-19 the mills that produce our organic materials have reduced workforce which has resulted in delays and we are currently out of all baby nests.  We expect all to be back in stock end of August/beginning of September. Sign up to our newsletter here to be notified when they are back in stock.