The nest consists of three parts made out of certified organic materials: the shell, the mattress and the bolster. Here is how you assemble the nest:

  1. Tie the ribbons on the bolster. 
  1. Fold the bolster in half and tuck it into the shell.  
  1. Gently tuck the ends of the bolster into the shell and then place the bolster along the inside of the shell. 
  1. Fasten the zip on the inside and close the zip. A trick is to push the bolster down from the outside while zipping. This makes zipping easier and ensures that the zipper doesn't get stuck in the fabric. You can use a finger in front of the zip to make sure fabric doesn't get stuck.  
  1. Now place the mattress inside the shell and gently tuck the end of the mattress into the inside pocket.