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Did you know that our products are plastic free? We use natural material and stay away from polyester which is the same as shredded PET bottles. Say what?!? 100% organic here!

  • 100% Organic

    Inside and out

  • Polyester Free

    Only all natural materials

  • Australian Made

    By local seamstresses in Brisbane, Australia

  • 5 star reviews

    From over 670+ verified reviews

  • Free shipping

    Free and fast shipping above $279


“The Bubnest is incredibly well made, super comfy for bubby and he loves it! Oh and love that it's natural and organic!”

— Jess P.

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Baby Nest

Australia's first and most iconic organic Baby Nest. Provide a toxin-free space for your baby to rest anywhere.

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Nursing Pillows

Organic nursing pads, burpee cloths, nursing pillows and more.

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All Bubnest materials are derived straight from Mother Earth and can be returned to her in the future. This makes our Baby Nest the only 100% sustainable Baby Nest on the Australian market.


Bubnest is 100% organic, inside and out. The material our babies rest on can shed particles entering their bodies via airways and skin. This is why you only want organic and natural materials close to bub.


Our Bubnest Baby Nest is just like resting in nature. No toxins, no plastics and no harmful chemicals keeping your precious one safe from contaminants that could absorb into their bodies.


At Bubnest we are proud to be the only plastic-free Baby Nest. This earth does not need more plastic, and we will never use polyester fillings. This is because polyester (even recycled…

Meet Astrid

Bubnest Founder

Bubnest® was founded in 2015 after Swedish born Astrid made an organic baby nest for her own bub when she couldn’t find anything similar on the market. She realised that all new parents could benefit from a breather while bub could rest in a familiar environment free from chemicals and toxins anywhere at anytime. Since then Bubnest's mission has been to provide ease to new parents and make the beginning of life even more magical. 

Our Story

Our Why

A Simple Mission

Bubnest is proud to be Australia's only locally-made Baby Nest crafted with premium 100% organic ingredients and no nasty polyester or plastics (which can be harmful to bub and our planet).

We've dedicated the last 7 years to creating socially responsible products that are better for bub and better for the planet, with one simple mission: to make the beginning of life more magical.

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Is at our core

At Bubnest we specialise in creating high-quality baby products from organic, all-natural materials, while ensuring they can return to earth with little or no impact. 

This is because we are passionate about enabling planet-positive solutions to future-proof the world and ensure a better tomorrow for our babies.

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Safety First

Protecting our babies is at the core of what we do

As the only Australian-made Baby Nest on the market, safety is our promise to you. The Bubnest was created with your bub's health and safety in mind with adherence to Australian standards and quality assurance protocols. 


<li>Mattress firmness tested (AUS/NZ standards)</li>

<li>Low edges for maximum airflow</li>

<li>Certified organic and all natural materials</li>


<li>No plastic, toxins or harmful chemicals</li>


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