Adventures with a new bub

Adventures with a new bub

Bringing baby home is just the start of an amazing adventure…a journey which lasts for many years and is filled with many other adventures!

The first few months will be a very steep learning curve as you navigate your way through new parenthood. During this time, bub will be developing at an astounding rate but will be focussing on you, your voice, your touch – you are all they need.

Research has shown that babies are social creatures and are wired to learn from the world around them. From about three months of age, your baby will be ready to experience this world and this is the time where you can both enjoy getting out on an adventure or two!

Here are five adventures that are perfect for the first year of parenthood.


Get Outside

When bub is tiny, getting out and about in nature is one of the simplest and cheapest adventures you can have. It may not seem like much but fresh air, a good dash of sunshine and some exercise for you at least, can do wonders for you both…and research even indicates that outdoor naps for your baby can improve their sleep so no complaints here! And don’t just get outside during daylight hours – why not have a twilight picnic in the backyard or go searching for nocturnal animals with a torch out on the street? Look up, you’re sure to see the possums showing off their tightrope walking skills on the power-lines!


Once you’ve got the hang of this parenting gig, dig out the tent, load up the car and head off to a local campsite. There is so much adventure to be had sleeping in a tent and children of all ages absolutely love it! Watch for the first star, go exploring with a torch once the sun sets and of course waking with the sun to birds singing is a beautiful experience for big and small people alike. If you’re not quite up to the rigours of camping, consider ‘glamping’ where all the hard work is done for you and you get to sleep in a real bed…its an adventure in itself! And if camping really isn’t your thing, spread a blanket out in your backyard and go star-gazing – it is sure to be an experience you’ll both remember.

Go Country

There’s something inherently sweet about babies and baby animals are no exception! Head out into the country and stay on a farm for a night. Enjoy country hospitality while you and your baby explore the farm and get up close and personal with its animal inhabitants…guaranteed to bring out a squeal of delight or two. It doesn’t have to be all about the animals though; simply walking through fields or bush-land and exploring the property can yield exciting finds like exquisite rocks, pretty flowers and even sticks that are perfect for the treasure box.

Beach Babes

Kids of all ages love the beach and babies are no exception. Seeing the look of sheer delight as your baby experiences the feeling of sand between their toes for the first time is definitely a Kodak moment. And hearing their joyful screams as the first wave splashes into their feet is sure to make you laugh too. Building sandcastles, exploring rock pools, collecting shells – these are all wonderful experiences for babies of all ages so don’t be put off if your bub isn’t yet walking or crawling. If the beach isn’t accessible, head to your local pool, creek or even turn on the backyard hose…where there is water, there is adventure!

Get Trekking

If you’re really the adventurous type and loading up the backpack with your baby excites rather then frightens you, why not go on a trek? This adventure will take a bit more preparation than most other activities and probably isn’t something a complete novice should tackle, but exploring the outdoors over a few days will certainly encourage family bonding. And of course, plenty of fresh air, a bit of natural Vitamin D and all that exercise is great for you all too. But don’t feel you have walk 100 miles – a short hike through a local national park is the perfect start to a trekking adventure.

Adventures, big and small, are wonderful opportunities that allow babies to learn about and interact with the world around them. For new parents, these adventures offer a variety of health benefits, family bonding time and are simply a lot of fun. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can get a little more adventurous!


Team Bubnest