Creating a Diverse Bookshelf and Play Space in Your Home

Creating a Diverse Bookshelf and Play Space in Your Home

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So far this year has been one full of change, challenges and eye opening events. The recent Black Lives Matter movement has made our hearts so heavy with all that has, and continues to, come to light. We have spent the last month reflecting, learning and planning. It is not just words that are needed, our actions moving forward are what will matter the most in the active and ongoing fight against racism. 

Here at Bubnest we truly believe that real change starts at home. We are a small team of Mothers who know the importance of actively modelling inclusion, acceptance and love for all cultures and races within our homes. With all that has come to light recently, we are making a more conscious effort to celebrate diversity through our bookshelves and childrens' toys. We wanted to share with you all some really great resources we have found, and love, that can assist with learning and celebrating diversity within your home as well!

Dolls That Celebrate Diversity 

Miniland Dolls - A large variety of beautiful, anatomically correct, dolls that represent different cultures, abilities and skin colours
Hazel Village - A small collection of gorgeous, baby friendly, soft dolls with different skin and hair colours
Indigenous Mermaid Doll - Gorgeous Mermaid Doll originating from Australian Aboriginal mythology
Ambrosius - From fairies and gnomes, to family members, this collection of very sweet dolls have a variety of skin colours, hair colours, nationalities and cultural backgrounds 

Wooden Toys that Celebrate Diversity 

Tooky Toy -  A collection of 16 wooden figurines, each one representing a different culture
Everyone's Family - Beautiful 26 peice set of wooden figurines that represent a wide range of genders, cultures, ages and abilities 
Indigenous Wooden People - Australian Aboriginal wooden figurines that represent a family of 6
Indigenous Symbols Matching Pairs - 20 wooden discs (10 sets) with stunning Indigenous Symbols and each ones name displayed underneath in English
Children of the World Matching Pairs - Gorgeous set of 32 wooden discs (16 pairs) with beautiful illustrations representing children from a variety of cultures

Puzzles That Celebrate Diversity

Children Around the World - An inclusive floor puzzle with imagery of the world in the middle with 12 children from around the world dressed in traditional ethnic clothing
Aboriginal Art Colour Match - Brightly coloured with gorgeous Indigenous Artwork. Each puzzle piece features a different Australian animal
Australian Alphabet Puzzle - Stunning timber puzzle with Letters A-Z and corresponding featured image with well known Australian animals, plants and icons
Inclusion Puzzle - A colourful wooden puzzle with 11 pieces that represent children from cross cultural backgrounds with a range of abilities

Books That Celebrate Diversity

0-2 Years
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes - Mem Fox
A is for Activist -  Innosanto Nagara
Kindness Makes Us Strong - Sophie Beer
The Youngest Marcher - Cynthia Levinson
Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions - Abrams Appleseed

3-6 Years
All Are Welcome - Matt De La Pena
Ohana Means Family - Ilima Loomis
Blackfella Whitefella - Neil Murray
Whoever You are - Mem Fox 
Pink is For Boys - Robb Pearlman
Hidden Figures - Margaret Lee Shetterly

7-14 Years
Let's Talk About Race - Julius Lester
Wilma Rudulph - Maria Isable Sanchez Vegara
Mirror - Jeanie Baker
We March - Shane W Evans
The Other Side - Jacqueline Woodson

All these resources are only the beginning! Once you begin looking there are so many beautiful toys and books out there. Don't forget you can also diversify play spaces in your home through Posters, Artwork, Arts and Crafts, Puppets, Dress ups and Music from other cultures. If you have any ideas or tips, we would love to hear about them! 




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