10 ways to use your baby nest

10 ways to use your baby nest

One of the most frequent comments we get from our fellow Bubnest Mums is "You don't know you need one until you have one". There are so many ways of using the baby nest and every family seems to find their own favourites. Below are some examples of how you can use your nest: 

1. ME-TIME | Most important, take care of yourself when bub is resting. As they say "happy mum, happy bub". Pretend those piles of washing and dishes don't exist for a moment and spoil yourself with a magazine and a cuppa. 

2. EXERCISE | Why not get those endorphins pumping? Even if it feels impossible at first, you know you will feel so much better after. There is a reason why they are called happy hormones. If you are not a yoga pro, start off with some classic push-ups above bub in the nest and give bub a kiss on the tummy each time you lower down.

3. BABY GYM | When you have had your exercise then its more than fair that bub gets to hit the gym too. Place the nest under the baby gym and watch your baby develop as he or she watches, reaches and touches the items hanging from the play gym.

4. TRAVEL | When travelling you will likely stay at many different places where bub needs a rest - from the airport, to the plane, to the pool, to different hotel rooms. All places will have different smells and textures which will most likely interfere with bub's naps. Therefore let bub rest in the same familiar place wherever you are. The soft nest can be scrunched up, popped in the string bag and easily brought along for adventures of all kinds.

5. BEACH | Who doesn't enjoy a day on the beach? If you do, your bub will likely enjoy it too. But all that fresh air and so many new impressions will make your bubba tired and ready for a nap. No need to go home, let bub rest in the nest while you continue your day at the beach. 

6. HOUSE CHORES | We wish that house chores would be banished by law for all new mums, but we haven't succeeded to get the bill through with politicians yet... So instead try and make house chores a nice relaxing activity. Work through that pile of washed clothes while bub rests in the nest next to you.  

7. BOND | Pop the nest down on the carpet in the living room close to the rest of the family and you can all have some bonding time with the newest member of the family. Read a book, have a chat or sing a song with your little one. Make sure you watch older siblings as they have a tendency to get very excited when bonding with bub :)

8. TUMMY TIME | Place bub in the nest for some supervised tummy time.Tummy time is important for your bub to develop strong neck and shoulder muscles. If bub needs a bit of help at first then place bub over the bolster for some extra support.

9. WORK | I am sure by now you have learnt that a lot of things can be done with one hand - applying tooth paste, prepare a meal, dress a toddler...but two hands is usually more efficient. Put bub in the nest while you smash out some work! Perhaps you are starting your own business or have negotiated to work from home certain days a week, regardless of which one it is, you want your working time to be as efficient as possible so that you can tick jobs off that list.  

10. NOURISH | Make sure you are well nourished to have the energy to take care of your precious baby. It's a full time job, usually with both a day shift AND a night shift. Fill up that energy tank with healthy meals and snacks and don't be hard on yourself if one or two treats sneak through, I am sure you need the energy!