Organic Silk Cotton

The bolsters in the Bubnest® Baby Nests are filled with Organic Silk Cotton. Organic Silk Cotton grows on the Kapok Tree also known as Ceiba Tree. It is an evergreen tree which grows naturally in Jungle Country areas as opposed to being farmed. Due to its nature and growing conditions, Silk Cotton is a true 100% Organic soft and breathable material. Although the name suggests that Silk Cotton has both 'Silk' and 'Cotton' in it's composition, it actually is composed of neither. It is a moisture resistant, quick drying and resilient fibre. Silk Cotton is also incredibly light in weight, it weighs only one-eighth as much as cotton. It is commonly used as stuffing in organic pillows, mattresses and upholstery and is an organic alternative to polyester stuffing.


Both the Kapok Tree and Silk Cotton Fibre are not treated with any fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This makes Silk Cotton 100% free of harmful chemicals and toxins which means, in comparison to synthetic or heavily sprayed natural fibres, it is a healthier and safer option for every living creature and the environment. It is also important to note that Silk Cotton Fibre grows up high in the Kapok tree which means it is naturally clean and there is no need for harsh processing procedures once the fibre has been harvested.


Much like Organic Cotton, Silk Cotton fibre is also famous for how well it regulates body heat. Silk Cotton is known to reduce the heat from the body and make for a sound and safer sleeping environment. Much like Silk, Silk Cotton is incredibly soft, lightweight and lustrous to rest on - only the best for Bubnest babies.

Environmentally Friendly

Silk Cotton is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. When exposed to the correct conditions, Silk Cotton can return to nature by biodegradation in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, the Silk Cotton tree provides an ecosystem for many creatures and animals and is an asset to many tropical forest canopies. The harvesting of Silk Cotton Fibre does not impact the tree's integrity, making Silk Cotton profoundly sustainable.