Bubnest Christmas Guide 2018

Bubnest Christmas Guide 2018

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The holiday season has got to be one of our favourite times of the year here at Bubnest HQ! Not only do we adore the extra time we get to spend with our loved ones, and all the special celebrations, but we also enjoy reflecting on the past year of business growth. As each year passes we are more and more amazed by all the love, encouragement and support we gain from our beautiful and loyal customers. There is no better gift than giving, and it makes our hearts so full knowing our gorgeous baby nests have provided a safe and cosy place for little ones to rest, and have also provided parents with ease to enjoy the magical time with their new bub even more. To show our thanks, and in hope to bring a little more joy into each household this Holiday season, we have a Christmas surprise!

This year we have put together a Christmas Gift guide to help make this incredibly busy season a little less chaotic! Each brand within the collection has one or more core values that align with our own - local, produce handmade and quality items, have a focus on sustainability, ethical practices, the use of non-toxic and organic materials.
That is only one part of the surprise though, the added bonus is we have teamed up with each of these incredible brands and will be doing a Christmas raffle for 14 consecutive days in December. One lucky random customer per day will receive the featured product of that day in their babynest order. Each morning we will be announcing the featured product of the day on social media (Instagram and facebook). The Christmas raffle starts on the 5 December and finishes on the 18 December. 
Below are brief overviews of each of the amazing businesses we have chosen to feature in our Christmas gift guide. We have also included a sneak peek of the beautiful items that we will be giving away over the next couple of weeks. We hope you adore these businesses and their incredible collections as much as we do!  

The Young Folk Collective


The Young Folk Collective is a Brisbane based family business with the main focus on providing gorgeous and unique designs that create a positive impact on both people and the planet. Their range includes stunning African Moses Baskets, Guatemalan Bags, and other high quality, sustainable and ethically made items for little ones, home and family.  If you have a great appreciation for authenticity, quality craftsmanship and functional art, then look no further than The Young Folk Collective.

Featured: Mini Market Basket. RRP $29


Haaka is a brand that focuses on creating products that are not only practical and simplistic but are also eco-friendly and made from safe raw materials. What more could you dream of as a new mum!? They are a family business who want to look after new mums and their gorgeous little bubs by providing innovative non-toxic solutions for feeding, breastfeeding, personal care and teething.

Featured: 160ml Generation 3 Silicon Breast Pump. RRP $34.90

Bonnie and Dyed

Bonnie and Dyed is a local family business with a passion for handmaking and tie-dying unique pieces for women, little ones and the home. From their famous Mum Romper ‘Momper’ to hand dyed cot sheets, so much love goes into each creation and no two pieces are the same. The brand even encourages customisation on a number of their creations, allowing you to choose from a range of designs and colours. Time for a new Mummy and Me wardrobe perhaps?! 

Featured: 3-6 month Harem Romper, RRP $49.


G.Nancy is an Eco, sustainable and ethical brand that creates organic cotton pyjamas, décor and before bed activities for children aged 0 – 11 years. Georgia Nancy Holmes, an Australian fashion designer, is the face behind the innovative brand and is on a mission to stamp out fast fashion fads by creating high-quality nightwear that will stand the test of time. Each stunning piece from G.Nancy is designed, dyed, printed and manufactured in Sydney. Supporting local artists whilst also helping your precious little ones get a safe and peaceful night sleep has never been easier!

Featured: Ochre Sunflower Summer Suit. RRP $45

Just Ray Baby

Just Ray Baby has been making the feet of little ones even cuter and more stylish since 2015. This local family business is all about creating footwear for children 0-18 months of age, which is not only incredibly adorable but also practical, affordable and ethically made. Each design by Just Ray Baby is made using 100% genuine leather, is non-restricting and highly recommended by podiatrists to promote natural foot development. Perfect time to have a look at the Just Ray Baby collection and get those tiny feet covered for up and coming holiday fun!

Featured: Baby Brie Tan. RRP $35
Baby Monty Dalmation. RRP $35


Page and Pine

Page and Pine are a small family business with real personality! Their collection ranges from hanging wall decals to educational learning blocks, and they even have customised options on some of their creations. Each product from Page and Pine is handcrafted with love by Larissa and Jeremy, and there is a good chance you will see them happy dancing on Instagram for the orders they have received. Their products are innovative, creative, high quality and incredibly adorable. 

Featured: Woodland Blocks. RRP $44


Kippins is a local business that has a great understanding of how fresh and fragile your new bundle truly is! Their 100% pure organic cotton baby comforters are not only the cutest and quirky cuddle blankets on the market, they are also so soft, lightweight and breathable. Who knew helping the planet and your little one sleep better could look this good?! They also have a range of books, relative to the cuddle blankies characters, dummies, swaddles, rattles, wall art and an organic natural sleep balm! Kippins really is your one-stop baby sleep shop.

Featured: Bam the Zebra Cuddle Blankie. RRP $35.95

Snuggle Hunny Kids

Snuggle Hunny Kids have managed to make sleeping babies look even more cheek – pinching adorable! Their beautiful bespoke and unique swaddles, wraps and accessories effortlessly blend style with practicality and are made to the highest quality. They are an Australian small family business who put so much love and passion into each of their creations as they understand how precious your little prince or princess really is!

Featured: Floral Kiss Snuggle Swaddle and Beanie Set. RRP $44.95

Modern Monty

Modern Monty is a local brand passionate about designing and developing toys and child décor that is modern and aesthetically pleasing at the same time as being non-toxic, eco-friendly and stimulating for babies senses. Their products are largely influenced by the Montessori approach to learning and are designed with a minimalistic Scandinavian style in mind. A brand with intent to seamlessly fit into anyone, and everyone, home and lifestyle. You can rest assured knowing that Modern Monty has you, your child, and the planets best interests in mind, sourcing organic materials and using local artists to make their creations come to life.

Featured: Organic Soft Bunny Rattle. $38.95

Little Pink Canary

Little Pink Canary is home to the most adorable Australian handmade plushies for the smallest of people. If you haven’t yet had a look at their collection, now is the perfect time to check them out! Each creation is made with so much love and care and is also incredibly soft, cute and cuddly for your little babe. They truly are the perfect size plushies for tiny baby or toddler arms to wrap around! The high quality of each item also means that if it becomes a household favourite it will stand the test of time. All mums, new and old, know how incredibly important that is!

Featured: Amigurumi Bunny. RRP $38

Gertrude and the King

Gertrude and the King are a Brisbane based Mother and Daughter duo who really understand what little feet need, and what the parents behind those little feet really want! We are talking ultimate style meets practicality. The brand creates shoes that are not only super cute and effortlessly easy to put on even the wriggliest feet, but they are also lightweight, flexible, machine washable (yes, that’s right, machine washable shoes, can we hear a hooray?!) and recommended by professionals.  Other products by Gertrude and the King include reversible hats and luxe bibs for your little babe.

Featured: Mustard Soft Sole Sneakers. RRP $39.95

Frankie Jones the Label

Frankie Jones the Label is a Melbourne based small family brand who are passionate about bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability. They design and make beautifully timeless fashion for women and children, producing each item ethically and, where possible, using 100% certified organic cotton. Each item from the label is made with quality, style, fit and comfort in mind. They even have Mummy and Me matching outfits! Ah, does it get any cuter than that?! So if you’re all about making small differences count, keeping the planet and yourself that little bit healthier, as well as looking incredibly adorable beside your matching mini, Frankie Jones the Label is for you.

Featured: Young Folk Bloomers. RRP $29.95


Bubnest is home to the incredibly cosy, safe, natural, portable and ever so stylish baby nest. We are a Brisbane based brand on a mission to provide new little bubs with their own familiar place to rest anytime, anywhere, and in turn providing ease and more shut-eye for new parents all around the world! How dreamy does that sound?! Each product in the Bubnest collection is made from organic and toxin-free materials, as we truly understand how precious little ones are and how important it is to care for our environment. Other key focuses for our business include keeping production local, supporting women, making each product to the highest of standards and working with local artist to create new fabric designs. There really is no better way to keep little ones snug and snoozing this holiday season.

For an extra Happy Holidays, we will be giving away free personalisation on every nest ordered on our featured day! How special is that?!

Featured: Personalised Baby Nest. RRP $15
Good luck and happy shopping!
Team Bubnest