Last Chance To Spoil Yourself Before Bub Is Out

Last Chance To Spoil Yourself Before Bub Is Out

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Expecting mother holding her pregnant belly

The birth of your baby is not far away. The nursery is ready; teeny, tiny clothes are washed and folded; you’ve stashed away as many newborn nappies as you can; and you’re well versed in what to expect when it comes to delivery!
For many of us, pregnancy really is a beautiful time – a period of your life quite unlike any other. Thoughts are consumed by your impending bundle of joy and what life as a first-time mum will be like. It’s exciting, scary and even a little overwhelming but there’s plenty of information and help available if you need it.
But spare a moment for yourself…this precious child will take over every inch of your life as soon as he or she arrives. And there’s no going back! Baby-moons exist for a very good reason – it may just be the last chance you get to spoil yourself before your baby is born.
Why you might ask? Here are five reasons to book that spa day, get that manicure or take a last-minute romantic holiday!


Time Wasters

Quite simply, newborn babies are the most beautiful time wasters! Hours can fly by watching a newborn sleep. Snuggling with your newborn in bed or on the couch is just the most wonderful experience. And newborns really do smell divine! Your life now revolves around this little person, their needs and introducing them to the world…and the world to them. Life is no longer about you. A massage, haircut or shopping trip will no longer be on your radar and while you may not miss it when bub first arrives, your hair won’t thank you for it! So waste a little time on yourself before the birth and really enjoy it because quite frankly, it won’t happen again for a while.


Endless Laundry

It is truly astounding how much washing such little people create…in the first few months, it seems to be endless! All those beautifully cute outfits you’ve imagined on your cherub will literally stay clean for a few minutes at most so get ready for several changes of clothes every, single day. It is a sad, hard fact that you will be constantly washing once your baby is home so do not spend any more time in the laundry than absolutely necessary prior to the birth. Get out! Enjoy the sun, the rain or whatever type of weather tickles your fancy because it could be some time before you manage to get outdoors again without a basket of washing to hang.



Mushy Brain

After birth, many women complain that they can’t string a sentence together and their brain feels fried. They’re not imagining it – research has shown that pregnancy changes a woman’s brain structure. It’s not actually a bad thing; in fact, the “rewiring” and fine tuning that takes place prepares a woman for her role as a mum. But it can make you feel incapable of holding a conversation or taking in anything that isn’t related to your baby. So if there’s a book you’ve been wanting to read or a course you’ve wanted to study, find a cosy nook, settle in and get started…it really might be a few years before you get another opportunity.


Sleep, Glorious Sleep

If there is one thing any mum-to-be should do before their baby arrives, it is sleep in! Newborns sleep a lot but they don’t sleep for long periods, often waking every 1-3 hours. Now that is fine during the day when you’re busy washing and wasting time staring at them, but it’s not so fun at night. In fact, sleep deprivation is the number one complaint of new mums and research shows it can lead to poor judgement. If you’re a mum-to-be, enjoy those lazy sleep-ins, as unless you’re one of the blessed mums whose baby “sleeps through the night” from six weeks of age, a sleep-in could be a thing of the past.


Two Become Three

Your family is growing. Life won’t just be about you and your partner any longer…a gorgeous small person is about to change things up and while this isn’t a negative, your relationship will change. So spoil yourselves with a romantic mini-break or longer baby-moon if you can; enjoy those things you love doing as a couple because this really will be one of the last times it’s just the two of you.
Bringing a baby home is a truly joyful, magical experience but it does change life forever and will mean less time for you. So before bub arrives, read that book, see that movie, buy the shoes. Celebrate your pregnancy and spoil yourself – every mum-to-be deserves it.
Team Bubnest