What to Pack in Your Nursery Bag

What to Pack in Your Nursery Bag

There's nothing quite like getting some fresh air and sunshine after spending those first few days, or weeks, at home in the newborn bubble. Whether it be going for a walk, picnic in the park, trip to the beach, or popping over to see friends - leaving the home, hands full and with a jam packed Nursery Bag is a new reality.
It is however tricky to know what 'essentials' are required for that Nursery Bag, so we have done some of the research for you! Have a read along to find out exactly what our beautiful Bubnest community, and Bubnest team of very experienced Mothers, have listed as the 'must haves' when leaving the home with your bundle of joy. 

First up it's a great idea to choose a Nursing Bag that has multiple compartments to help keep everything organised. The size and versatility of the Nursing Bag is also important as you will be carrying around a few more essentials than usual. There are plenty of options on the market but we love our Bubnest OntheGo Bag as it conveniently has multiple pockets plus it can be used as a backpack, across the waist or over the shoulder for ease and versatility. 

Another important tip is to be sure to repack your Nursing Bag when you get home so that it's restocked, refreshed and ready to go the next time you wish to venture out with baby. 

Feeding Essentials

Whether you are bottle feeding or nursing your baby, there are many items that make life that little bit easier when it's time to feed baby outside of the home. The first tip is to feed baby just before you go out - this way bub's tummy is full for a little while before they become fussy looking for food.
Breastfeeding makes for a really convenient source of warm milk for bub anyplace, anytime. However you don't want to forget those extra sets of Nursing Pads to catch any excess milk and a wet bag to keep those well soaked Nursing Pads in if you choose to use reusable. Some Mothers like to have a Muslin Wrap or light weight cover for privacy when feeding.
If you are bottle feeding bub try and work out how many feeds they will need in the time you estimate you'll be away from home (and then pack an extra serving or two all in a portioned out formula container). Make sure to take a thermos of warm or hot water to mix with cool, boiled water, incase you're not close to anywhere to heat the bottle up, and a number of bottles, teats and lids. There is also the option of purchasing a portable bottle warmer to keep your baby's bottle warm when on the go - we think that's pretty genius and convenient! 
Burping cloths are always a great option to have in the Nursing Bag for during or after feeds.

Nappy Changing Essentials

Just as important as it is to have feeding sorted when out and about, it's also handy to have supplies ready to go to make sure bub has a clean nappy and place to lay down when changes are required. We suggest packing one nappy for every 2 hours (plus some spare), a packet of wipes, disposable nappy bags to put all those dirty nappies and wipes in, change mat to create a clean space for bub to lay wherever you may end up and nappy creams are also a great 'just incase' option to have available. Hand sanitiser is also a must have to use after nappy changes where you aren't close to soap and running water. Having an extra bag or wallet inside your Nursery Bag to keep all the nappy changing essentials in makes for a really efficient process when the time comes! 

Other Newborn Essentials

Baby Blanket, swaddle or Muslin Wrap, bubs favourite toy or rattle, a bib or a few (you decide on how much your little one tends to spit up or drool), at least one set of spare clothing relevant to the season, hat and a spare dummy or two (if your bub is using them! Also be sure to put them in a container to keep them clean and easy to find in times of need). A Baby Carrier is also a great option to have for bub - there are a few designs that are compact, lightweight and perfect for taking in your Nursing Bag. We love the Marsupi Baby Carrier and the Chekoh Baby Wrap.

Must Haves for Mum

It's so easy to forget what YOU will need when you're busy thinking about a whole other human being - but take note and be sure to keep these items handy as they say 'Happy Mum, Happy Baby'. 
Alongside your wallet, phone and keys, be sure to pop in some snacks and a water bottle, comforts such as hand cream, sanitary items (if need be), lip balm and first aid essentials. A spare change of clothing for yourself can come in handy, although sometimes having enough room in the Nursery Bag to carry an extra set of clothing can be tricky, so a a scarf is a compact solution and can be used to conveniently cover up baby juices.


Enjoy those first adventures together! There isn't anything more magical than sharing the wonders of the outside world with your bundle of joy.

Love Team Bubnest