Which Nest is Best for my Newborn?

Which Nest is Best for my Newborn?

It's safe to say that there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to meeting your baby for the first time. What date will they choose to arrive? What colour hair will they have? How long will labor be? Or perhaps how will it all progress? There are many things we can't control, but being prepared for their arrival with the most snug space for baby to rest is where the Bubnest team, and our wonderful community, can offer expert advice. It's what we do at Bubnest - create the most cosy, safe, toxic free and portable Nests for your little one to rest in from birth. 

At Bubnest we have 2 different types of Nests we recommend for newborns. We have our Newbie Nest, suitable for babies from birth to 3 months of age, and our Baby Nest which is suitable for babies from birth to 12 months of age (and beyond). A really popular question we often receive from new Parents is 'What Nest is Best for my Newborn?!'. It's a really great question, and one we wanted to answer through asking our community of Mothers who have trialled and tested both the Newbie and Baby Nests, to get a really good insight to their experience with both Bubnest products. So if you are trying to decide between the Newbie or Baby Nest, we have asked our Bubnest Mothers the following questions and then summarised their answers for you. We hope the following information provides one less uncertainty as you plan for bubs arrival. 

Newbie Nest  Baby Nest

At what age did your little one use the Newbie Nest? And what age did they start using the the Baby Nest? 

Most babies used their Newbie Nest daily from the day they were born, up until around 3 months of age. Some Mothers found, if their baby was larger than average, that they outgrew the Newbie Nest by the 2 month mark. Once outgrowing the Newbie Nest, all babies began using the Baby Nest and most are still using their Baby Nest now (all under 12 months of age). Some parent's chose to alternate between the Newbie and Baby Nest from birth up until their little one outgrew the Newbie Nest. 

How has the way you used the Newbie Nest differed from how you use the Baby Nest? 

The Newbie Nest was used daily by all babies, and as they were sleeping much more in those early weeks the Mothers found the Newbie Nest to be used a lot  during the day. Many babies slept supervised in the Newbie Nest inside their bassinet or pram, as the Nest is small enough to fit and created a cosier space for resting in. All Mothers found the Newbie Nest incredibly easy to use around the house as well as to take out with them when venturing outside the home. They used the Newbie Nest at their friends home, the beach, at the park or out for dinner. Many noted how lightweight and portable the Newbie Nest is and that it even fit in the bottom of the pram to transport with ease. 

The Baby Nest has still been used by all babies out and about, however many Mothers have commented that because it's a little bigger it doesn't fit in their pram or bassinet quite as well. Most Mothers found that the Baby Nest has been a great 'safe space' for bub to rest in with older siblings around, also a lovely way to keep baby close all the time. Many babies have also been using the Baby Nest for Tummy Time or underneath their Activity Gym. 

Please tell us your (or babies) favourite features of both the Newbie and Baby Nest, and why you love those features? 

All the babies loved how cosy and snug the Newbie Nest was for them to rest in. Many Mothers said their baby found the Newbie Nest to be really comforting, soft and comfortable and helped their babies drift off to sleep really easily. The organic materials are also a real winner, for both the Newbie and Baby Nest, many Mums loved that their baby was resting in a toxic free environment. Furthermore on that topic, a few Mothers noted that their babies with sensitive skin did not react the materials used for both Nests. Being able to transport baby around the home, still resting in the Newbie Nest, was a huge positive for many Mothers and they also loved the security the Newbie Nest offered. 

The Baby Nests have more space, and most babies love being able to stretch out and move around a bit more in their Baby Nest since they are at an older age. Many Mothers commented on the style and design of the Baby Nest and how it fits in seamlessly with their home decor instead of looking like your typical Baby Item. The portability of the Baby Nest is a real winner, as well as also being able to move bub around the home in the Baby Nest. Using the Baby Nest during play time or awake time is also a loved feature, many Mothers have found it to be very versatile. Having bub close, even when they are older, is really important for many Mothers and so being able to take the Baby Nest everywhere is a real winning point.

Which Nest would you recommend for a newborn and why?

Every single Mother who has used both the Newbie and Baby Nest have said they would recommend getting both Nests. Although the Newbie Nest can only be used for a short amount of time, all babies used their Newbie Nest multiple times a day during those first 2-3 months and every Mother found that their baby just slept so amazingly well in the Newbie Nest. Many commented that with older children it put their mind at ease knowing their newborn was safe and secure in their Newbie Nest.
When it comes to value for money, most Mothers said purchasing the Baby Nest is the best option as bub can still use it from birth, but for a much longer period of time, however both Nests provide a snug, safe and familiar place for babies to rest in from birth. 

For more information on, or to shop, our Bubnest Nest range please follow the below links - 
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