Five Years of Motherhood with Bubnest featuring Alice Bingham @aliceinhealthyland

Five Years of Motherhood with Bubnest featuring Alice Bingham @aliceinhealthyland

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Here at Bubnest, one of the things we love about being a small and local business are the people we meet along the way. The community we have built, the friendships we have fostered and the loving support we continue to receive from so many. When Bubnest was born, 5 years ago, we were so lucky to cross paths with the beautiful Alice Bingham from @aliceinhealthyland, so we wanted to feature this lovely lady and have her share with us all about her journey through Motherhood with Bubnest. 

So who is the lovely Alice Bingham?! She is a caring Midwife, loving Wife and devoted Mother to 3 little ones eathside, plus one belly babe due in early 2021. Alice began building her incredible instagram community @aliceinhealthyland, way back in 2014, to share with everyone her healthy lifestyle habits. Alice used the platform similar to a diary to help her keep on track with her new found health journey. When Alice fell pregnant with her first baby, her instagram community grew even more and it continues to evolve and blossom with her following now interested in not only her health journey and advice, but also her insights on pregnancy and parenting. Alice has been one of the biggest supporters of Bubnest since we first began. All of her beautiful babies have rested cosy in a Bubnest and we can not wait to meet bub number 4 and have them resting snug in a Bubnest as well. Alice's friendship is something we will always treasure at Bubnest, her love for all those she meets and connects with is one of a kind and we feel very lucky that our paths met many years ago. 

So here is Alice's journey with Bubnest, one which we have loved following over the past 5 years!

Around 5 years ago I put a post up on my Instagram about my little newborn not settling every time I put him down for a sleep. I got this beautiful email from the team at Bubnest saying they had seen the post and would love to collab with me.

I hadn't seen anything like a Bubnest before, but once looking in to them I loved that the nest aligned with my values as a Mumma. Not too long after that virtual introduction to Bubnest, a Bubnest turned up on my front door step, saying "Made with Love" and a beautiful note wishing me all the best with settling my newborn son, Cruz.  From then on, Cruz (6 weeks of age), went on to sleep in that Bubnest for over 8 months. We took it camping, on holidays with us and he had his day naps at Grandmas in it. When he grew out of it, we passed it on to his little cousin so he could use it to love too.

WinterRose, our second child, was soon born and she had a Bubnest from birth.
I got her one when I was pregnant, it featured a unisex design as we didn't know the sex of the bub. WinterRose slept in her Nest from the first day she was born. I took the Bubnest to the hospital with me as they are so lightweight. Just like Cruz, WinterRose slept in her Nest til 8 months of age as well. It travelled overseas to Thailand with us and she slept in the Nest at the airport and in the hotel. Even at her Aunties big wedding day. WinterRose's little cousin, Elsie, is now the proud owner of this Bubnest. I love that it has been passed down through our family.

Then, 3.5 years after Cruzie got his Bubnest, his second little sister, Lottie, received one of the first personalised Bubnests. In total, Lottie slept in her Nest up until 10 months of age. The Bubnest was an absolute blessing. With Lottie's birth I had an emergency C section and being able to have her close to me whilst I recovered was just what I needed. Plus Lottie has a 3.5 year old brother, and an 18 month old sister, so when she was in her Nest they always knew to let her be. It worked like a barrier for her, haha. It was so handy! Lottie used her Bubnest on our first family caravan trip and she slept in that Nest the whole time. It felt just like home for her. 

Over the last 5 years I have gifted all my loved ones and close friends the gift of a Bubnest. It's such a beautiful gift to give to other Mumma's to help them settle their little ones and get some rest themselves. We have our fourth bubba due in Feb 2021, and yes this baby will be sleeping in a Bubnest too. Such a beautiful product and I have been so proud to watch Bubnest grow as a business and to watch my little ones grow with their Nests over the years too - Alice Bingham.

You can follow Alice's journey via instagram or check out her website for health and fitness advice, delicious recipes plus great advice and perspective on Motherhood.