Meet our Good Friends at The Young Folk Collective

Meet our Good Friends at The Young Folk Collective

Being in business, particularly a small family run business, can be difficult. The days are a balancing act, the work can be lonely and there are multiple personal and professional challenges to overcome along the way. With the challenges and hard work though, there are also so many positives about owning your own small business. Over all these years, what we believe to be the biggest positive is the beautiful community we have found. A community full of like minded souls who are also on the same journey as us. 

Today we wanted to write about one company in particular, also a small family run business, who mean alot to Bubnest and our journey. We established our businesses around the same time and for similar reasons, and the owners of this company have become our good friends and will always have a special place in our hearts. So today we wanted to do a shout out to The Young Folk Collective.

Skye and James, the owners and founders of The Young Folk Collective, are a Husband and Wife team who have been growing their business for the past 5 years. They have 2 gorgeous children and are also a local Brisbane business.  

Kids Boho ClothingThe Young Folk Collective was born when Skye fell in love with and found an unavailability in the Australian market for, their now signature product, beautifully handwoven Moses Baskets - both functional and a piece of art. 
Over the years Skye's passion and appreciation for quality craftsmanship has manifested into The Young Folk Collectives new ranges which have been forged on a foundation of sustainability. Making pieces that are good for both people and the planet is something close to Skye and James' hearts and has seen The Young Folk Collective expand with the creation of sustainable Clothing, naturally woven Change Baskets and Baby Play Mats. 

   Boho Clothing  Boho Clothing 

The concept of their new Baby Play Mats arose when Skye wanted to create something beautiful to be used in the main living area of customer’s homes. Upon researching Play Mats she discovered that bold colours, such as cartoons, are used on Play Mats as it aids with cognitive and visual perceptual skills. These graphics and colours are however not a sought after aesthetic as a centerpiece in the modern home. Looking at her own style as inspiration, Skye found retro designs to use for their Play Mats that not only had these same special elements, but they also fit in harmoniously with a range of existing decors.

You can check out the full range of their artistically designed Baby Play Mats by clicking on the images below:

Baby Play Mat Baby Play Mat Baby Play Mat

So jump on over to The Young Folk Collective. They truly have so many gorgeous products available for your little babes and the best part is that their products compliment our products so beautifully. Over the years many of our amazing Bubnest customers have purchased both a Bubnest plus Young Folk Collective Moses Basket to create a cosy sanctuary for their little one during the early months (if this is something you are interested in also doing, please reach out to us and we can custom make your Baby Nest to size). Not only that, but here at Bubnest we love natural fibres, quality products, looking after the planet, and supporting small. So many of our core values align with the core values of The Young Folk Collective and we believe that's pretty special. 

Lots of love from the Bubnest Team