Holly Sanders Art x Bubnest Mother's Love Collection

Holly Sanders Art x Bubnest Mother's Love Collection

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Our most recent collection, Mother's Love, is designed in collaboration with the incredibly talented Holly Sanders. The collection features Holly’s artwork ‘Wajunbihn Nunguhny’ Mothers Love, and highlights her unique style with the use of colours and patterns inspired by ancestral homeland, Bundjalung Country.

With the launch of this collection we wanted to share the detailed meaning behind the artwork and also shed some light on the wonderful artist herself. Chatting with Holly was an absolute delight, we asked her 4 fast questions and we are excited to share the discussion with you!

About the Artwork

“This artwork (‘Wajunbihn Nunguhny’ Mothers Love) acknowledges the traditional owners of this land, sea and sky. It pays respect to our Elders of the past and present for their strength, knowledge and leadership and to our jarjum’s (children), who are our future Elders. This artwork celebrates the thousands of years and over 1000 generations, of babies born and welcomed onto country, in nature, with the guidance and support of women as part of ceremonial and sacred practices of Women’s Business. The shapes and detailed patterns represent sandhills and the Country, symbolising the baby’s connection to the land. The warm natural colours symbolise the ochre and colours of the land” - Holly Sanders

About the Artist

Hi Holly, could you tell us a bit about your background?

I am a proud Bundjalung Aboriginal woman, my childhood was spent growing up on Country on the NSW North Coast before moving down to Yuin Country, NSW South Coast. I am a classroom teacher, mother and Contemporary Aboriginal Artist. As a contemporary Aboriginal Artist, I use my art as a powerful tool in storytelling to educate and share my Aboriginal culture, history and Country. 

Did you know you always wanted to be an artist and how did your artistic journey begin? 
I have always loved art and painting, I was sick a lot during my childhood and I would always paint and sketch in hospital and at home in bed. I think it helped with my healing. Today, I feel painting keeps my culture strong, it is good for my health and wellbeing and it takes me back spiritually and historically to who I am. I am hoping to pass this love of creativity, storytelling and painting onto my daughters.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
The colours and patterns of Saltwater Country at different times of the day and year influence heavily in my art. The symbols and patterns used throughout my work are related to the Country, women and Women’s Business. Being on Country is a huge influence in my creative process and is the motivation behind many of my works. Being on and connecting to Country is when I feel most creative. 

What is your best 'Mum Hack'?
I’m not sure if it is a hack but for me it is baby wearing. Try on a variety of different styles and invest in a comfortable carrier for your needs. I was able to bond with my babies and it also freed up my hands so that I could carry my bub and still get things done around the house. It was also soothing for my colicky bub. A bubnest also gave me a safe space to pop my bub in, right next to me, while I could get on with the hands-free task

We really hope you love Mother's Love, as much as we have loved bringing it to life! Collaborating with Holly Sanders has been an absolute dream and honour. You can find out more about Holly Sanders, and her other stunning creations, by visiting her homepage or instagram account. You can find out more about the Mother's Love here.