Father's Days Kids Craft Ideas

Father's Days Kids Craft Ideas

What's the best gift for Father's Day? I'm sure it would be nice to receive those socks you have always wished for (right, ladies!!) but nothing could beat  excited little kids throwing themselves onto you in bed whilst already unwrapping the gift they have for you. They know it is the BEST gift in the world because they made it themselves! Nothing beats this, accompanied with a strong cup of coffee in bed of course. 

Whether it's to celebrate Dad(s), Grandad or an honorary father figure, we have collated some gift ideas that you and your children can create to make their day extra special

Painted Rock Photo Holders

We love this idea to make little photo holders of painted rocks. This activity is suitable even for the youngest kids as it can involve heading outdoors to find the rocks yourself. If you are up for a bit of mess, the youngest kids can use their hands to paint the rocks if holding a paintbrush is still a bit tricky. You can either display a photo in the holder, or while you are at it why don't you let the kids make a little picture or hand print on a piece of paper that can be displayed in the holder. All you need is rocks, paint, wire, beads and photo/picture/note to display. Read how to make the Rocks here

10 Reasons You Are The Best Card

Kids say the funniest things and it is sweet to capture this on a card. This idea is super simple but will surely make the Father figure in your kids' life smile. Use a thicker piece of paper and put acrylic paint on your kids' hands to make  hand prints on the card. While the paint is drying ask your kids why they love the Father figure. You will need ten quotes so you might have to ask a few questions to get some good answers. For example, what fun things they do together, what does he do to make you laugh, does he give you some treats sometimes etc?. When the paint is dry, then it's time to decorate the card and write the quotes on (or around) the fingers. 

Custom Made Golf Balls 

This is the gift for the golf enthusiast, whether he is professional or just a weekend swinger. Make sure you investigate which type of balls he likes playing with and purchase these at your local golf shop or online. Use waterproof coloured pens and let the kids decorate the balls so he can shine a bit extra on the golf course. 

Shrink Film Key Chains

These keychains are very cute and who wouldn't want a sweet message from your child close by during the day. The film will shrink to about 1/3 of the original size. You will need Shrink Film (found in craft stores or online), permanent markers, a hole puncher, your oven and a key chain. If you look around your house I am sure you will find a heap of ugly key chains with various business logos that you can re-use by taking the logo off (NO don't use the Bubnest key chain for this ;) ) Simply write your message on the film, punch a hole in one corner and put it in the oven according to the instructions on the film packet. When it has cooled down, attach the keychain and wrap. To here for full instructions. 

Good luck with your Father's Day craft. We hope the Father figure in your children's life will get the best ever Father's Day gift, that he will love as much as your child does!