5 Ideas to Spread Kindness in Lockdown

5 Ideas to Spread Kindness in Lockdown

The world as we know it has changed immensely since 2019. We no longer have as many opportunities to catch up for coffee, or celebrate milestones, with the ones we love. Between border closures and lockdowns, times have been so tough, however they have also presented the opportunity to get creative in how we connect with loved ones. Love and kindness can always be spread, we are just learning new ways to show our nearest and dearest how much we truly care.

We chatted to our Bubnest community recently on how they have been spreading kindness, or what acts of love and kindness they received, during their time in lockdown. The chat was incredibly insightful so we wanted to write about the abundance of ways people are getting creative in order to let their loved ones know that they are there for them when they physically can't be. Perhaps some of these beautiful ideas will be thought provoking for anyone else wanting to bring some sunshine to the ones they love during these difficult times. 

1. Daily and Frequent Check Ins: 
So many of our community mentioned how much it means just to receive a text message, phone call, or video chat during time in lockdown. Whether it is a daily scheduled catch up, a weekly check in, or the occasional hello. Furthermore the sharing of moments and milestones through photos helps so much in keeping connected, and one member of our community even managed to have virtual baby shower! It's amazing how sometimes the little acts of kindness, that don't cost a thing, can bring so much sunshine to someone's day.

2. The Gift of Food:
Who doesn't love a food delivery - and even better when it's been gifted! So many members of our Bubnest community mentioned how much of a difference the kind gesture of having groceries delivered made during their hardest weeks in lockdown. Local acts of kindness have seen people baking goods and whipping up meals to drop off to their loved ones doorstep, and some even make it a frequent ritual to drop a hot coffee and morning bagel to their neighbours on the way back from a morning run. The gift of chocolate, donuts, a meal subscription or even cocktail kits were among the favourite parcels received from loved ones living further away. 

3. Gifting of Other Items: 
Although food is always a welcomed parcel to receive, there is an abundance of other thoughtful gifts many people enjoy gifting and receiving during lockdowns. Some of these include self care packs, flowers, a new house plant, books, tv subscriptions and tailored gifts such as pregnancy or postpartum gift packs. Sourcing these gifts locally and supporting small businesses was also mentioned as another really great way to spread kindness within the community. The sending and receiving of hand made artworks and drawings by little ones is also something that is brightening up the days of many loved ones around the globe - once again proving that sharing kindness, and showing someone that you are thinking of them and that they are loved, doesn't have to cost a thing. 

4. Gifts to Keep the Little Ones Busy: 
It's difficult enough being stuck inside the house for an extended period of time as an adult, let alone as a Parent trying to keep up with the needs of your little ones. Many members of our community mentioned how beautiful it was when they were shipped activity packs, craft items, seeds for planting, books and puzzles for their children. A thoughtful delivery that not only keeps the children occupied, but also brings the kids some sunshine and excitement. Another really beautiful suggestion was giving the gift of time to children you're close with. Examples of this was scheduling in a time to read a book, or do an activity, over video call. Perhaps your grandchild knows that each Monday night you will be the one chatting to them about their day and reading them their bedtime story. It's amazing how connected we can stay to the ones we love when we think outside the box.

5. Spreading Love in your Neighbourhood: 
Many members of our community mentioned the wonderful friendships forming amongst their neighbours during lockdown. Exchanging gifts and baked goods over the fence, going on walks and having chats with those whom live close by, offering to pick up items for the more vulnerable on their grocery run or even doing a coffee delivery on the morning walk. Keeping in touch via a Neighbourhood Facebook group seems popular to organise ways to keep connected such as the exchanging of children's hand written notes and drawings or individuals notifying everyone that there are little surprise packs hanging over the fence for the children to collect. 

It has been a really tough, and long, journey for many of us, however the new ways we are learning to connect with friends and family, new and old, is pretty beautiful to reflect on. In the near future we hope that lockdowns will be a thing of the past, that borders will open and travel can begin, but until then we hope we can all continue to stay strong and share the love and kindness around as we have learnt to do so beautifully.