What to Look for When Choosing a Baby Nest

What to Look for When Choosing a Baby Nest

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With the growing popularity of Baby Loungers the options available are steadily growing as well. As the original Australian Baby Lounger experts, with many years researching and perfecting our Baby Nests, we thought why not chat about the things to consider when making the choice. We are parents ourselves, and sure know the importance of little ones having a safe, familiar and secure place to rest allowing us to get some hands free time and a moment to ourselves. So let's dive in to the top 5 things to look for when choosing that perfect space for your baby to rest!

1. Mattress Firmness

You want your baby to be comfortable when resting in the Baby Lounger, but you also want to make sure that they stay safe. Make sure the mattress is soft, but firm, and meets Australian Cot Mattress Standards by passing the new AS/NZS voluntary standards for infant sleep surfaces. This is important as research studies have established that an infant mattress that is too soft is dangerous to babies under 12 months of age.

2. Is the product made under Fair Working Conditions

Much like every other product on the market, making sure your Baby Nest is produced under Fair Working Conditions is really important for a number of reasons. As consumers we have the power to make choices that provide positive impacts not only on our lives, but on the lives of others and the environment. Not only do Fair Working Conditions contribute to the wellbeing and peace of society, but they also provide a sustainable and bright future for us all.



3. Quality of Materials

With so many options of Baby Loungers on the market there is also a wide variety of materials used to produce each brand of Lounger, and it's really important to know what your baby is spending a large amount of time resting on. We believe the best materials are natural, breathable and sustainable materials with the best of the best being materials that are Certified Organic. These types of materials are not only best for bub now, but also for the health and wellbeing of their future. The use of synthetic materials, such as Polyester, is commonly used for many Baby Nests on the market. We find this concerning as research studies have established that synthetic fibres are harmful not only to our ecosystems and environments, but also to our overall health. You can read more about Polyester in one of our recent blog posts here.

4. Washing and Portability

As parents ourselves we understand the importance of any baby product purchased needing to be easy to clean and easy to transport. We all know babies can be messy, they can have accidents and being able to quickly and swiftly clean the space they are resting on is really important. Two options to help with ease of washing the Baby Nest: Removable Liners and Removable Covers. The option of a removable Liner can really help with limiting the amount of washing needed, and having a removable Cover means the whole Nest doesn't always need to be washed (hooray for quicker drying times!). Being able to interchange Covers on the Baby Nest also allows for the option of having a second cover on hand so bub never needs to be without their cosy sleeping space. 


Ensuring the Baby Nest is portable also means that you can take your babies favourite space to sleep on anywhere, at anytime. To the park, a friends house, on an aeroplane, to the beach - options are endless! Having a familiar space can help encourage bub to take their nap when needed and it's also pretty awesome being able to get some hands free time even when you're out and about.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

This by far is the most fun part about choosing the right Baby Nest! Whether you're after a bold print to suit your personality, a basic shade of colour that blends in with your home decor or perhaps just a really pretty print that catches your attention - having options is crucial. Some Baby Loungers have the option of interchangeable Covers which we believe is kind of life changing! Perhaps it's basic shades for around home and pretty patterns for adventures out and about - the options are limitless. 


So there you have it, our top 5 things to look for when choosing a Baby Nest. So how does Bubnest measure up when it comes to those top 5?! We strive to go above and beyond to deliver products that are not only good for your baby, but also that have a positive impact on everyone's wellbeing and the environment.

Our mattresses have undergone testing to ensure they pass the new AS/NZS voluntary standards for infant sleep surfaces. Our Baby Nests are made under Fair Working Conditions with our Covers sewn right here in Brisbane by our beautiful seamstresses. We only use the best of the best materials for your beautiful babies, all natural and 100% Organic (yes, even on the inside!). Our Baby Loungers are super portable, so much so each one comes with their own travel bag, and they also have Covers which are removable and washable. Last, but not least, we have a wide range of prints and basics to help tick the box of aesthetically pleasing! We even have 2 styles of Nests patterned on one side, beautiful basic colour on the other - just in case it's too tricky to choose just one. 

Happy Shopping!

Note that we always recommend supervised naps in the baby nest. Safe sleeping guidelines only recommend for bub to sleep unsupervised in a cot. Baby Nests are designed for bub to rest close to mum or dad so that you can enjoy some hands free time wherever you are and bub can rest in a familiar healthy space.