Top Five Eco-friendly Newborn Essentials for 2023

Top Five Eco-friendly Newborn Essentials for 2023

This article is a quick guide to the most important eco-friendly and sustainable newborn items you need in 2023.
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With so many brands targeting new parents with endless amounts of ‘must have’ products it can be confusing to understand what you actually need in those first few magical months of new parenthood. This often leads to expectant parents panic buying items that in reality they don’t need, which we all know is not only heavy on the wallet but also can be devastating for our environment. 

The truth is though that newborns really don’t need that much. So in an effort to take a bit of ease off of expecting mamas, we’ve created a guide with some of our favorite sustainable and low-tox newborn essentials that will not only have a life outside of your newborn bubble, but won’t cost the earth.

1. Organic Burpee Cloths

New parenthood comes with a plethora of surprises, however something we know for sure is the newborn bubble is messy! Expect milk spills and splutters, upchucks and explosions - and breastmilk sprays that end up on what feels like every surface of the house.

This is where Organic Burpee Cloths come in to save the day! A good Organic Burpee Cloth is designed specifically for use with delicate newborn skin, making it a safe and effective choice for absorbing newborn spills and protecting clothes (and furniture) during and after feeding. As they’re reusable and machine washable it also makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to non-organic options or products like disposable wipes.

You can shop our 100% certified Organic Burpee Cloths on our website

Astrid’s tip for using our Organic Burpee Cloths beyond the newborn bubble:

“We still use our Organic Burpee Cloths every bath time as a kids (or adults) washcloth, and even use some as an everyday household wipe to mop up spills and wipe down countertops.”

2. Organic Nursing Pads

If you're a nursing mum, you'll be used to those leaky milk-bars and soon understand why nursing pads are a must-have in your newborn arsenal. Nursing pads are great for absorbing excess milk and preventing stains on your clothes, but make sure you’re opting for the organic alternative.

Organic Nursing Pads offer a safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly solution for new mamas, making them an essential and sustainable item for any breastfeeding or chestfeeding parent.

Reusable Organic Nursing Pads are a much better solution than plastic disposable nursing pads that are not only bad for mum, but terrible for the environment. Organic Nursing Pads are a low-tox option made of natural, chemical-free materials that are safe for both the mother and baby. They’re also free of endocrine disrupting plastics and instead made of soft and breathable materials that are gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation or chafing (the things you don’t want in the early days of bruised and grazed nipples). You can shop our range of Organic Nursing Pads on our website.

Astrid’s tip for using our Organic Nursing Pads beyond the newborn bubble:

“I now use my Nursing Pads every day as low-tox reusable make-up wipes! I find they work better (and are much gentler and safer to use on skin) than traditional disposable makeup wipes. Once you switch over, you’ll never go back!”

3. Organic Muslin Wraps

An Organic Muslin Wrap is the perfect option for swaddling your little one, which science tells us can help soothe newborns for a more comfortable, secure, and restful sleep. Swaddling can help newborns fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time as it prevents the startle reflex which can cause them to flail their arms and wake themselves up. This can be especially helpful for new parents who are trying to get some much-needed rest. Swaddling also promotes safe sleeping as it can help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by keeping your baby on their back and reducing the risk of suffocation.

Organic Muslin wraps are the perfect swaddling option for the Australian climate as they’re made of soft, breathable fabric which helps to keep the baby warm and cozy while preventing overheating. Choosing an organic alternative is the best low-tox option for parents as organic cotton is produced without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals and is gentle on a newborn’s delicate skin. This also makes them a safe and environmentally friendly choice for newborns.

You can choose from our wide variety of Organic Muslin wraps made with 100% organic certified cotton.

Astrid’s tip for using our Organic Muslin Wraps beyond the newborn bubble:

The best thing about our Organic Muslin Wraps is that they can be used for so many purposes. I used mine as a breathable blanket on warm days, pram covers on sunny days or as a makeshift Burpee Cloth to clean up spills or explosions. And although we are never shy to whip one out (free the nipple, we say!), you can also use them as ‘modesty keepers’ when breastfeeding out in public.”

4. Organic Baby Nest

Research has shown that our newborn babies want to be close to us as it gives them a feeling of safety and security. Being close to your little one also allows you to be responsive as a new parent, which science also tells us is crucial in the first few months of life as their early experiences sculpt neural and stress-response settings with lifelong impact.

In reality however it’s impossible to hold our babies close all the time, which is where a portable Baby Nest can come in handy. Having a Baby Nest means your little one can rest beside you as you carry out your indoor and outdoor activities. As an added bonus, recent research shows that it’s important for your newborn to have rich sensory experiences throughout the day to aid your baby’s circadian rhythm and help boost sleep at night (when it matters most to new parents). 

This involves allowing your baby to nap close by to you in the midst of daylight, noise, and activities, while you get on with having the most enjoyable, socially and physically active day outside the home that you can possibly create – and with your portable Organic Baby Nest in hand you’ve always got a safe space for your bub to rest and play.

Why choose an Organic & Polyester-free Baby Nest?

The added benefit of an Organic Baby Nest is that it always gives you a safe, natural and toxin-free space for your baby to lie, wherever you are. Unlike cheap and nasty alternatives that use plastics and polyester that can off-gas harmful toxins that our newborns shouldn’t be exposed to, the Bubnest Organic Baby Nests are made with eco-friendly materials such as certified organic cotton, natural latex and organic silk cotton that protect your little one’s delicate skin from harmful chemicals. 

The Bubnest Baby Nest is the only 100% organic and Australian-made Baby Nest on the market, produced to strict Australian safety standards and quality protocols. They're durable and reusable and offer great value for your money. You can browse our range of Organic Baby Nests here.

Astrid’s tip for using your Organic Baby Nest beyond the newborn bubble:

"All my kids loved playing in their Bubnest Organic Baby Nest well past the 12 month mark and once they had their own baby dolls, the Nests were used as a bed for their dolls and soft toys. Not only were they passed on from baby to baby, they were re-used by other family members and friends, giving them a life well beyond the newborn bubble. The high quality production means they’ll be around for more memories and milestones, and as they’re made with 100% natural materials (and no plastic or polyester) they can be returned to earth once they’ve reached the end of their life."

5. Reusable Cloth Nappies

Ah! Nappies. What would we ever do without them? Nappies are a staple in every newborn’s closet, but plastic disposable nappies are a huge problem for our planet, generating a large amount of waste that takes hundreds of years to biodegrade in landfill. 

Modern cloth nappies, or reusable nappies on the other hand offer several benefits over disposable nappies, including being better for the environment, more comfortable, and healthier for babies.

Luckily modern cloth nappies have come a long way from when our mums used thin fabric held together with metal clips, and these days they are designed for convenience, comfort and reliability. They’re also made from soft, natural and breathable materials that do not irritate bubs delicate skin, or leach harmful toxins or chemicals like their plastic counterparts. Plus they are more cost-effective in the long run as they can save parents thousands of dollars in disposable nappy costs over the course of their child's infancy.

Astrid’s tip for using Reusable Cloth Nappies beyond the newborn bubble: “The great thing about Reusable or Modern Cloth Nappies is that they have great resale potential after your bub is out of nappies. There are heaps of local Facebook Groups dedicated to reselling reusable nappies, so give them a second (third or fourth) life and you’ll be doing an even greater service to Mother Nature.”