Bubnest® was founded in 2015 after Swedish born Astrid made a nest for her own bub to facilitate travels overseas whilst visiting family and friends. Bub and nest became inseparable and Astrid found herself using the nest around the house, out and about, at dinner parties, while exercising, at the beach and more. She realised that all new parents could benefit from a breather while bub could rest in a familiar environment free from chemicals and toxins anywhere at anytime. Bubnest® was born.
Since then Bubnest's mission has been to provide ease to new parents and make the beginning of life even more magical. 





Our first product was a baby nest bed with Scandinavian design, produced in Australia out of organic material sourced from mills across the globe. Keeping production in Australia is something that is close to Astrid's heart, it ensures we get top quality products manufactured under fair trade conditions and it provides flexible working opportunities for women that cannot find the right balance in the 'traditional' corporate world while juggling work, home, and family responsibilities.

Astrid has a background in the finance industry and when arriving in Australia in 2010, she was shocked that many women gave up on career and future income potential because of inability to find flexible working opportunities. At Bubnest® the team can schedule the work around their life, work while caring for children and be there for school and childcare drop-offs and pick-ups. Offering work opportunities to local women is a way to contribute to an equal society.